Hair accessories

Are you looking forhair accessories that will secure your hairstyle or perhaps one that will work well as a hair adornment? Worry no more because you are in the right place. Hair accessories are in varying sizes and shapes, features that make them suitable for different needs. Here are some of the most common hair accessories and how you can use them;

  • Jaw Clips

Jaw clips serve almost the same purpose as hair ties. Therefore, if you have long hair and would like to keep it up and out of your face’s way, a jaw clip is for you.

  • French combs

Combs or otherwise French combs are sizeable plastic combs whose primary purpose is to lock your hair into a specific place.

  • Head Wraps

Did you know that fabrics are also hair accessories as long as you use them for hair maintenance? Headwraps or scarves are any materials, preferably fabrics, that serve the purpose of wrapping around the head to cover some or the entire hair.

  • Pins

Physically, pins are thin metal rods with a curving at one end while the other is open. If you have buns or chignons hairstyle and would want to secure them, pins are ideal for that purpose.

  • Stretch combs

Physically, stretch combs look like a blend of hair bands and combs. Most of them are large-sized upon stretching around your head. They are a perfect way to keep your hair off your face.

  • Barrette

Barrettes are in various sizes, and they incorporate more decorations than most other hair accessories. Their primary function is to gather, fasten and clip the hair into a ponytail, half-up style, or even for clipping your bangs away from your eyes’ view.

  • Snap clip

A snap clip is a small piece of a metal clip that usually produces a ‘snapping’ sound when closed. They are often ideal for snapping kids’ hair, but adults can use them too.


Apart from the hair accessories discussed in this article, there are many others out there perfect for different hairstyle applications. However, we hope that you can now use the right hair accessory for the correct purpose from the list above.